Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The beginning of toddlerhood

As we are approaching Veda's first birthday, I have begun to realize that I no longer have a baby, because my baby is becoming a toddler. She is independent, strong willed, and very curious. She no longer wants mommy or daddy to feed her, and she displays this request by smacking the spoon or fork away and then proudly eating every morsel of food off her highchair with her hands. When she has finished eating, she decides that the doggies are hungry and persists to throw what is left(if any) to the floor.

Veda has inherited a bit of my personality, which I was afraid of! Her daddy is a very laid back, easy going guy and me, on the other hand, ugh, I have the attitude. I can go from happy to angry in 2.2 seconds and this is Veda. I am in big trouble. She has begun to throw fits and pinch, so I assume biting is next on her list. When I tell her No and try and have a stern tone, she laughs at me!........good Lord........what am I in for???? I have already requested a copy of the book "How to Raise the Strong Willed Child"

I will keep you updated on my adventures into toddlerhood.............................

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rialynn said...

Tomorrow is already Veda's big 1 birthday! OH MY GOODNESS!

I love the stories of Veda and her new found independence! It's so sweet and adorable.

Can't wait to read more adventures of your experience through toddlerhood!!