Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to Reality

Unfortunetly the day has come, vacation is over and Joe returned to work. We miss him a great deal today. Luckily Veda and I kept rather busy with our Sheidler friends. We drove to Fremont last night and had a slumber party. Brandi and I stayed up until the wee hours painting her living room, and yes Brandi.................I think the color looks great! I always have a blast when I am here, her family always welcomes me with open arms. Thank you Brandi.

Veda and I will be heading home in a few hours to welcome daddy home from work. I'm sure she missed him as much as I did today. I'm hoping that the evening is full of smiles from Veda, as I just got a new video camera and would like to capture some pleasant moments to share with all of you.


rialynn said...

Hate it when reality has to come back into play... time with daddy is so much fun.

I'm glad you had a great time with Brandi. You're such a good friend to help paint. :)

Can't wait to see some Veda videos!

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

Might those photos on the right have come from the visit with Brandi!?!?!?!