Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Not ring worm!

Thank God! Instead this is a severe allergic reaction to the mosquito bites. Its looks awful. The doctor prescribed a steroid cream and an antibiotic cream. The doctor also gave me samples of Allegra which I decided that I will not give her. It's not intended for children under the age of six and I'm weird about giving meds. I'm sure it would be fine since you give only a fraction of the dose but did I mention that I am weird? In all honesty the bite doesn't seem to be bothering her that much, a little itching here and there.

We are scheduling an appointment with the allergist because my husband was severely allergic to bee stings as a child and even though the two are not related (the mosquito's vs bee's not my husband vs Veda) we would rather be safe than sorry and the pediatrician agreed.

After a long morning and afternoon Veda is peacefully sleeping, not only is she dealing with mosquito bites but her bottom molars are poking through........what a trooper!

Veda had her well visit today too and she is 25lbs 4oz and 31.5 in Way to grow Veda!!

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Kristine said...

Glad it was nothing serious. Poor girl!