Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a day.

Seriously, today was hard. Veda is going through something. She is incredibly whinny, throws awful tantrums and cry's continuously if she doesn't get her way. I try and remind myself that she is only 17 months old but it's hard. She has a temper, when she gets upset she will throw whatever is in her hand or she will bite it. I just wonder were I went wrong in these 17 months. Did I make her this way? or was she born with this attitude? In all honesty, she is my daughter. I think I displayed the same kind of attitude until well past my teenage years. I always thought that "monkey see, monkey do" was why kids reacted the way that they do, but Veda does not see any of this kind of behavior, so where is it coming from? We did go on vacation for a week to see a dear friend of mine. Her 3yr old daughter was in quite a bit of trouble that week ( jealousy related) and was doing similar things that Veda is doing but would a week corrupt her? and for this long? I guess I just don't know where to begin with her. We are trying time out and it's showing some signs of being effective. I just might go crazy before that happens!......and did I mention that I am pregnant??????

Nope. I didn't. I was trying to keep it on the down low until I was certain that I wouldn't have any problems but I realize through reading many, many blogs that there are absolutely no guarantees. I decided to go ahead and let myself free of this wall that I bare and be happy and excited that there is life growing inside of me. So here I am telling the world that I am almost 6 weeks pregnant! I have my first appointment on Thursday. I get to have an ultrasound! Hopefully we will see a heartbeat!

I feel more at ease with this pregnancy than I did with Veda. I guess I have come to realize that I cannot change what is already planned out for me, so I am just going to try and enjoy it. I'm really nervous about nursing school and being able to juggle everything but this is how we planned it to be.

Once the baby is born, I will have almost a full year of nursing school left. My schedule is perfect. I will be a stay at home mommy by day and a part time student by night. I only have class one night a week and have clinical every other weekend, on Saturday and Sunday. The only frightening thing for me is that I will deliver sometime at the end of January, so I will have to have the baby and maybe miss one class but then have to go right back. We planned it this way because I am pretty sure this will be our last and I wanted to be able to stay home with him/her just like I have with Veda. If I waited until I was finished I would get maternity leave after a year but I would have to go back after 3 months. I can't imagine putting my 3 month old in daycare and being gone for 12 hours 3 days a week.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! I will keep you posted on my pregnancy and Veda's tantrums!


brandi said...

It's probably the terrible tow's...just a bit early! hang in there and be consistant!

rialynn said...

Being a parent seriously needs to come with instructions. I wish I had them at that age. It's so hard... so trying... so unnerving. Keep up with what you're doing Tab, she'll come around. I have a feeling little Miss Veda had 2 really naughty examples when she was here not too long ago. YIKES! I'm sorry... they catch on so quick don't they?? *HUGS* This too shall pass... 4 wasn't so bad... 5 is okay too. ;)

Tutu said...

I'm sure it's just a phase, hopefully short lived! Luke has been whining a lot lately too, but only for me, which makes it worse. BUT, I do have an 11yo he ADORES, so when she gets home from school, it's smooth sailing for me!

Congrats again on the pregnancy. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Praying for a nice, strong, healthy heartbeat!!


Kristine said...

It's the age. They have no vocabulary so how else is she supposed to show how she's feeling? LOL! Hugs!

Shawna said...

Yay! I didn't know you were pregnant. Congratulations!!!

I think you hit the nail on the head when you said "she is MY child." Kaya is so much like me; I was a terror as a child. :)

And with Kaya, the terrible twos started before she turned 2. There's always a new stage going on. They pass through one negative thing to another! But the same is true of the positives and accomplishments.

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