Saturday, June 6, 2009

The waiting game

So here I sit. Waiting and waiting until Thursday, and its only Saturday. Thursday will be the ultrasound that determines whether or not this pregnancy is moving forward. I just keep praying that baby is growing. I also keep torturing myself by trying to find answers on the internet. You see I don't know the exact date of my LMP but I know there is only two days in which I BD (baby dancing) before I left for Vegas. So if any of my readers are experts, please help! The two dates in which BD took place was the 7th and 8th of May. I got a +hpt on May 23, it was a barely noticable line but it was there!


Kristine said...

Isn't it true that sperm can live for several days? Maybe you O'ed days after bding but still became pregnant? Just thinking out loud here. Still hopeful for you.

Tutu said...

K's right...I just googled for you. In ideal situations, sperm can survive 6 - 7 days! So, it's entirely possible you conceived a week later than you thought! I know Thursday seems like forever away! Praying you see that little heartbeat!!

Shawna said...

And female sperm can live several days, while male sperm cannot. So maybe it's a girl. :)

Veda's Mommy said...

Yikes.....another girl? Ha ha