Saturday, May 30, 2009

Boring? Me? I guess I am!

So I didn't start this blog to become famous or anything but man I thought I would get a few visitors a day! LOL I must be a complete bore! anywho I just thought I would post and get some opinions on how I might spice up my blog? So bring it on people!


brandi said...

I read every update...but I am so bad with replying. And I have noticed a huge decline in comments since the weather is perking up :)

Kristine said...

Your not boring darling...I love seeing pics of Veda!

rialynn said...

I don't think your boring either. I find reading your thoughts & seeing pictures of Veda very entertaining.

I feel the same way about mine. I guess I figure it as: I'm doing it for me.

Keep up the blogging! Just do it more often. :)

Tutu said...

I'm with Brandi! I always read and usually think 'I don't have time to comment..I'll come back and do it later' then I forget to come back. (I actually read this last night and didn't get back to it until today!!)

Shawna said...

I agree with the weather comment. I had gotten to where I was reading so many blogs I could hardly get off the computer! But now we're spending so much time outside and going on outings that I'm hardly on the computer. I do go to a few blogs to see new pictures, but I just can't find the time to read very much. I love seeing pictures of Veda. So cute. :)