Monday, April 13, 2009

Not in the mood

Sometimes nursing school tends to take a toll on me and I get the nursing school blues. Maybe it's just an extension of the winter blues. It's raining. It's cold. I need some sunlight. I need to study. I need some motivation in order to study. I need sleep. I need to be tired in order to sleep. I just want to go to bed. Blah. I have gotten on the computer a hundred times today for no reason other than to check the status of Stellan. I am happy to see that he is improving and continue to keep he and his family in my prayers.

Sorry fellow bloggers that I am a Debbie downer today.........just feeling a little blue.

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rialynn said...

Sorry to read you were feeling down. I hope today you're feeling better. You are doing great with Nursing school and you're coming to your half way point soon - keep your chin up! Shake of the yesterday blues and look at Veda, smile, hug her - go on you know you were going to, 1 quick smooch and now it's back to being on task. All that rain is going to bring some beautiful flowers and budding trees! Just think in a week or so it will smell like spring... Love you Tab! :)