Thursday, April 2, 2009


Sorry folks, School and mommy hood together are kicking my tush, and that's and understatement! I have had test after test but luckily I am staying above water and doing fairly well. I can't believe I have been in nursing school for almost a year already! Only 5 weeks left of this semester and I get a 2 week (much needed) break.

My health hasn't been the greatest lately, I have had a nasty bug 3 times in the last 6 weeks and I just found out that my colitis is actually Chrohns :( I have been started on Prednisone and Lialda but these drugs together are not working. As soon as I am healthy again I will be starting on Humira, a drug that I will inject myself with. I'm crossing my fingers that this will work. Joe and I have been planning on trying to conceive again in the near future but of course I need to get my health in order first. So if you believe in luck, wish some my way!

Veda is doing fantastic aside from learning to throw a fit here and there and the occational.......okay daily spitting out of her milk. She is using her sign language skills amazingly well and she jibber jabbers all the time. The last few days I can really start to understand a few of the words she is saying. I feel like I can have a short conversation with her and she actually understands me. It's amazing. She is amazing. motherhood is amazing. most of the time. :)


Stephanie said...

Wow I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Shawna said...

Tab, I am so sorry about finding out you have Crohn's Disease. I hear it is pretty miserable. I sure hope you find something that works, and soon! Good luck TTC.