Friday, September 12, 2008

The Vaillants

Our family consists of me Tabitha aka mommy, Joe aka daddy, Veda, Kasara aka my lil sis and Veda's auntie, 2 dogs Luna and Zoe, 2 cats Mr. Kibbles and Miss Daisy. I know, I know we have a zoo on our hands! We are always on the go. I just started nursing school, Joe just started softball and Veda just started trying to crawl. Busy Busy! This week has been very exciting because the extreme makeover; Home edition is in my hometown and we have been able to see the house a couple times, and I got to see some of the cast! Woot Woot!! I'm hoping we can make it for the "MOVE THAT BUS" part of the show but we shall see. I will post some pics of Veda and try and keep up on blogging.

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rialynn said...

You are a busy mommy! But you're handling it all so well! Be proud girl!